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Ethan Plaut

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The Many Facets of Ethan Plaut: Building on the Equilateral Triangle

Featuring the work of Ethan Plaut
presented by Origamido Studio
90 minutes, menu-driven DVD

Learn Ethan's novel system for creating great geometric origami projects, and modify or design new modeuls by hybridizing bases.

The DVD table of contents:

1. Basics: Plaut method of forming an equilateral triangle from a square

Simple Star/Flowers

2. Forming indented triangular or square pockets or pop-outs (e.g. single square pyramid)

Pyramid with Indented Sides
Pyramid with Indented Sides

3. Arranging crease patterns / cut-up base tiles to form more complex shapes; Analysis of a form using it to prove a geometric theorem; Light table show of architectural forms / possibilities using these methods

4. Multi-piece models:

3-piece Step Pyramid
Three-Piece Step Pyramid
Kings and Queens Boxes from Playing Cards
Kings and Queens Boxes
5-piece Box
Five-Piece Box
6-piece Box
Six-Piece Box

5. Convex Bird-Base Landscapes

Locked Structures (Outside View)
Locked Structures - Outside
Locked Structures (Inside View)
Locked Structures - Inside

6. Joining crease patterns for hybrid bases

Horned (hybrid) Dragon
Horned Dragon