Origamido Studio's primary mission is to introduce people, young and old, to the fun experience of folding paper. We offer classes, workshops and demonstrations on all aspects of paper arts and origami. We produce books, videos and DVDs.

Origami programs for Schools, Libraries, Museums, and events
We teach origami on location at schools, libraries, museums and private companies. [More...]
Origami Lessons at our Studio
We teach origami at the Studio by appointment (private and small group lessons) from beginner to master level. [More...]
Origamido® Paper & Papermaking Workshops at our Studio
Origamido® Paper is custom-made paper for origami art. We make custom batches of paper for each new origami project. You can order custom-made paper from us, or come and make your own under our direction! [More...]
How-To Materials
We author instructional books, videos, kits and DVDs on origami and papermaking. [More...]
Fine Art
Commission us to produce original origami sculptures from handmade paper of select plant fiber blends and colorfast pigments. We also have several fine art works available on display in our studio. [More...]
Commercial Art
Origamido Studio specializes in designing folded paper and paper art creations for a huge variety of purposes, from props or art for print and TV advertisements to window displays and tangible advertising. [More...]
Tangible Advertising
Origami makes great, clever, give-away objects for conveying information about your company. [More...]